Toxoplasmosis infection in ewes causes abortions, stillbirths and neonatal deaths. Early pregnancy losses often go undetected and ewes are mistakenly culled as barren. Toxoplasmosis is infectious to humans and will have serious implications if contracted during pregnancy.

Toxoplasmosis is caused by a parasite. The infection cycle is started by the aborted foetus of a ewe which is eaten by rodents or birds. Cats then eat the infected animal and the parasite multiplies rapidly inside the cats. Cats faeces containing millions of eggs contaminate feed and pasture which the ewes then eat. The infected ewe aborts her lamb, the aborted foetus is eaten by rodents and birds, starting the cycle again.

Toxovax is given only once and gives lifetime protection for ewes against Toxoplasmosis. It is given to first time lambers anytime up to four weeks prior to the ram going out (including teaser rams).

Toxovax Vaccine must be ordered three to four weeks in advance to ensure supply. It is made to order once a week and has a short shelf life. When placing your order please advise us of your intended use date so that we can make sure your vaccine arrives to the clinic at the appropriate time. By the time it has been made and delivered to us you have approximately 10 days shelf life left and therefore must be administered promptly. Contact your nearest vet centre for further details.

Due to its singular use, Toxovax is a cost effective way to combat lamb losses and consequently increase profitability.