Slug Bait Toxicity13 Dec 2021

Slug bait is unfortunately a common poisoning seen by our Vet Centre Clinics especially at this time of year when our gardens are in full swing. Slugs can be a pest but the traditional commercial slug baits available are unfortunately extremely toxic and even fatal to your pet dogs.
Typical early signs to look out for after slug bait ingestion include incoordination (they may look and act drunk!) and increased anxiety. You may notice your dog pacing and acting very strange and wobbly. This typically starts 30 to 60 minutes after they eat the bait. The signs quickly progress to severe muscle twitching, seizures, and increased drooling (more than usual for a big drooly dog!).
If your pets are not treated by this stage they can go in to comas and even die. Sadly slug bait can kill our furry friends within 2 to 12 hours depending on how much they have eaten. Your pets can survive slug bait ingestion if attended to immediately after ingestion or commencement of symptoms.
If you have seen or suspect your pet as eaten slug bait or notice any of the signs above they should receive immediate veterinary attention.

We have Tui Quash at all our clinics which does not contain metaldehyde and therefore relatively pet-safe. It still contains some ingredients that can affect your pets so still use with caution.