Regular clinic visits and pet health checks are a great way to help your pet enjoy a long and happy life. During your appointment you will be asked relevant health related questions about your pet, which will undergo a thorough physical examination.

This will enable our vet to make and assessment of your pet’s state of health and address any potential problems before they become advanced.

How does vaccination work?

Vaccination prepares the body’s immune system to help fight the disease when exposure to the infection vaccinated against occurs. A vaccine contains a virus or bacterium that has been modified so it doesn’t cause disease. Instead it stimulates your pet’s immune system to produce antibodies which work against the virus or bacteria that causes the disease. Then if your pet is exposed to that particular disease, the antibodies destroy the disease-causing agent and infection either doesn’t occur or is much milder than it would have been. The protection provided by a vaccine gradually declines after vaccination so regular booster vaccinations are recommended along with regular health checks.

How often does my pet need vaccinations?

Recent scientific studies have shown that certain vaccinations don’t necessarily need to be given each year. The best way to find out how often your pet needs vaccinating is to talk with our vet when you bring you pet in for their health check.