Our annual animal health plans are designed to take our veterinary consultancy to a higher, constructive level and are a complimentary part of our club membership benefits.

Together, Farmer and Veterinarian review farm needs and events to design a 12 month action plan that will enhance farm performance and production and negate the need for individual situation planning. Our plans are convenient; able to be created and updated on farm or in clinic to suit individual preferences and requirements.

An animal health plan is an invaluable tool for farm employees and in the event that the owner or manager is unexpectedly absent from the farm. Information contained in the health plans are scrutinised during the construction of the ensuing years plan facilitating gradual and continual improvements.

Below are just some of the benefits of introducing this comprehensive tool to your farming practices.

  • herd trace element and mineral monitoring and management
  • mastitis prevention and management
  • minimised empty rates
  • successful calving, calf rearing and heifer replacements
  • utilisation of key production enhancing parasite control opportunities

An informal plan often drops away due to the distractions of busy times and end goals don’t get achieved. A formal plan in partnership with your animal health professional helps to eliminate loosing site of those end goals.

To find out more about our animal health plan system use the online enquiry page or give your nearest Vet Centre a call.