Great for your management tool box, Bopriva helps manage larger mobs of bulls in close confinement without the hassles of aggressive and sexual behaviours.

Bopriva is a unique new vaccine for use in non-breeding bulls which temporarily reduces testosterone production for around three months, resulting in decreased sexual and aggressive behaviors. When the vaccine effect wears off, the testosterone levels rise and behaviour returns to normal.

This vaccine is particularly beneficial for winter grazing when strip or crop grazing is necessary. Bulls can be run in larger mobs and in close confinement as bulls treated with Bopriva are less likely to engage in behaviours such as fighting and mounting which can cause injuries or death. Bopriva is a form of immunocastration which contains no GMO’s or artificial growth promotants and has a nil meat withhold period.

Bopriva is a two vaccination programme. The length of action of this product depends entirely on the timing between injections; the programme should be carefully planned before starting. The optimal use of this product is to time the vaccinations to have bulls grazing in large mobs during the winter feed pinch; with normal hormone levels returning in time for the spring flush to allow for maximum growth opportunity.