Farmers and Their 4 Legged Friends Free Vet Clinic Breakfast9 Aug 2019

Calling all farmers and their four-legged friends... We know calving is a stressful time so we’d like to take a load off… breaky is on us!

Tuesday 13th August - Ruawai Clinic
Wednesday 14th August - Mangawhai Tomarata Rugby Club
Thursday 15th August - Manugaturoto Clinic
Friday 16th August - Waipu Clinic

It's calving time and all the farmers are exhausted.... we are doing a free breakfast sponsored by:

  • Agritrade
  • SVS Labs
  • Virbac
  • Vetpak
  • Ethical Agents
  • Blackhawk - making sure your four legged workers get breakfast too

All farmers invited to come take some time out and enjoy breakfast on us, not forgetting the four legged workers they will have breaky too!!