Christmas Kai, Scrounging Pets and Kai Moana13 Dec 2021

Please keep an eye out for your pets this summer and ensure they aren’t getting into anything they shouldn’t.

Over the Christmas and New Year period there is a lot of delicious food for us to eat but unfortunately, a good deal of that food can be toxic and life threatening to our pets.

Be careful with your Christmas hams and other common foods such as grapes, raisins, avocados, onions, nuts (especially macadamias), chocolate and caffeine, all of which can cause gastrointestinal disease or other more life-threatening illnesses. Mouldy left-over food can also cause seizures and serious illness.

Gum and other lollies that are sweetened with xylitol are extremely toxic to dogs. Some Christmas plants, such as lilies and poinsettias, are toxic to dogs and cats.

And, keep a watchful eye out when at the beach as pets can be poisoned if they ingest certain fish, sea cucumbers and algae.