A Mid Northern Christmas Moment22 Dec 2021

The roads they are quiet, the orchards lie still
Not a soul, not a body, can be seen on the hills
The tractors, the mowers, the balers are mute
Unused by the woodpile stands everyone’s ute

The goats and the sheep and the dogs and the cows
The buffalo, ostriches, alpacas and sows
The ponies, the horses, the pet moggies too
They know it’s Christmas Day and there’s no more to do

The farmers and teachers, escapees from town
In their gumboots and singlets and blue Dior gowns
The drivers of tankers, of EVs and trucks
They know the season, they are no mugs

They put down their tools and they kick up their heels
They pour a nice cold one and down a flash meal
They say, “Merry Christmas, have a good one my friend
And thank the good heavens this year’s come to an end!”

Merry Christmas from the team at The Vet Centre.
Thanks for all your support in 2021 – and here’s to a rocking 2022!