When planning mating you’ll be wanting to get as many cows and heifers in calf as possible; so when is the best time to start treating your non cycling cows?

By treating non cycling cows prior to or at the start of your planned mating period you can have these cows calved earlier. The end result: more calves (and replacements), a more controlled, shorter calving period with more milk going in the vat next season.

Trial work conducted by Scott McDougal in 2007 showed that by treating non cycling cows early achieved the following:

  • Extra days in milk - 16
  • Kilos milk solids per day - 1.6
  • $/ kilo milk solids - $7.00
  • Value of extra milk - $179.20 per cow
  • Pregnancy Testing – ultra sound scanning & manual

Talk to your vet about treating non cyclers early. The potential return from extra milk greatly exceeds the cost of treatment. We encourage you to book early to ensure a time suitable to your planned mating period.