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New Flea & Tick Control – September 2017

We have a few new flea and tick products available in clinic now and a couple of promotions going on as well. Simparica is a highly palatable chewable flea and tick control similar to Nexgard. It lasts for 5 weeks instead of 4 and seems to be a bit more palatable than other chewables. It

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Slug Bait Toxicity – September 2017

  Slug bait is unfortunately a common poisoning seen by our Vet Centre Clinics especially at this time of year when our gardens are in full swing. Slugs can be a pest but the traditional commercial slug baits available are unfortunately extremely toxic and even fatal to your pet dogs. Typical early signs to look

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Dental Awareness Month – August 2017

  That set of pearly whites is just as important to your cat or dog as it is to you, the pet owner.  It can be a surprise to find out that periodontal disease is hard at work even in the first 3 years of your pet’s life. Because the mouth is warm and moist—it’s

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Fireworks Season

Hi Everyone, It is that time of year again and even though fireworks are fun for us, it could be scary for our pets. So here are some tips to keep our pets happy & safe this weekend.

Summer reminder: Dogs & Fish Hooks

A wee reminder; with summer coming up fast and fishing boxes being dusted off, to be mindful of your fish hooks and lures and to keep them out of reach of your cats and dogs who are attracted by the yummy fishy smell.   This is Tom who got a little too close to this hook and was

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