Kittens & Puppies

Bringing a kitten or puppy into the household is like bringing home a baby; they are entirely dependent on you for survival, comfort, behaviour training and love. Your kitten’s or puppy’s first year is the most important time in their life. It is time of learning and development and how you care for them and what you teach them sets them up for life.


Puppies are normally weaned and on solid food by about 8 weeks of age. Feeding a dry kibble premium diet specially formulated for puppies is recommended. For advice on an appropriate quality puppy diet, talk to one of our highly knowledgeable staff at your local Vet Centre. The brands we stock are fully balanced to

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Kittens are normally weaned and on solid food by six weeks of age. Feeding a good quality dry kibble premium diet that is specially formulated for kittens is recommended. These foods are fully balanced to meet all a growing kitten’s nutritional requirements and do not require any extra supplements to be given. The dry biscuits

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