Whether you require routine equine assistance or a farm visit due to such things as illness, lameness, foaling, we can help. We have several veterinarians who have a special interest in Equine and the practice has purchased in specialised equine dental equipment.
See in store for various equine care and supplement products and do not hesitate to ask us to source your preferred supplies if you do not find it in your local Vet Centre.

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More equine articles are in the making and coming soon.  We will have information on the following areas of equine health: wound care, mud fever & rain scald, colic, laminitis, thrush and seedy toe.


The Vet Centre has several veterinarians who have a special interest in Equine, Janine Hames one of our Ruawai vets has undergone training in equine dentistry practices and has many years experience in this field. The Vet Centre practice has purchased specialised equine dental equipment to provide the best possible care to our clients. Contact your nearest Vet

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Tetanus occurs when a wound becomes infected with bacterial spores of Clostridium tetani. Spores are found in the soil. Once in the wound the spores germinate, multiply and produce a very powerful poison which affects the muscles. Some cases of tetanus occur from wounds that are so small they are not noticed. Horses are the most

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Senior Equine

Older horses can find winter time tough. They appreciate being covered and being fed a bit extra. Old horses don’t absorb nutrients well. A vitamin and mineral supplement over winter will kept the condition on and the coat glossy.