We know that dairying is not just about milking cows; herd health, nutrition, udder health, and reproduction are key to achieving optimum performance. Our club provides products and services to assist our members in reaching their business goals and we are committed to our member’s success.

Facial Eczema

Managing the Facial Eczema Risk Fungus spores, responsible for Facial Eczema, grow quickly in warm moist conditions. This can be triggered by as little as 4 – 5mm of rain or heavy dew and 2 – 4 nights of grass temperatures of 12-13 oC. However, a slow build-up of spores over a period of time

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The Downer Cow

There are many reasons for cows to go down at calving. Aside from the more obvious metabolic diseases, conditions such as calving paralysis, leg fractures, dislocations, mastitis, uterine infections, pneumonia and salmonella may all have similar symptoms. Milk fever, or hypocalcaemia, usually occurs in the 72 hours around calving, most commonly in older cows and

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Nitrate Poisoning

Nitrate toxicity in cattle is seen as a sudden onset of multiple deaths and dying animals in the herd. It is vital that the possible risk factors and clinical signs of nitrate toxicity are known as this lethal poisoning can be catastrophic to a farm and hugely distressing to farmers and their families. Possible risk

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Mastitis Management

Mastitis is a challenge for the dairy industry and costs can be high for treatment, time, and production loss. Prompt, effective treatment of infection and reducing the spread of infection will minimise financial loss and maximise animal health. Know your prescribed treatments well. Because mastitis has different causes at different stages of lactation and season,

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Dairy Herd Drenching

Extensive trial work produced by Merial Ancare regarding the use of Eprinex at calving has produced some very positive results. These include: · Increased milk production · Increased grazing time · Improved condition score · Improved heifer fertility Eprinex has a nil milk and meat withhold including a nil bobby calf withholding. For best results

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When planning mating you’ll be wanting to get as many cows and heifers in calf as possible; so when is the best time to treating your non cycling cows? By treating non cycling cows prior to or at the start of your planned mating period you can have these cows calved earlier. The end result:

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Bovine Viral Diarrhoea, BVD, is a disease that affects cattle. Calves born to cows exposed to BVD during pregnancy can be born PI’s (Persistently Infected animals). PI animals carry and spread the disease throughout their lives, without necessarily showing any signs of illness themselves. TI (Transiently Infected) animals have the disease and will recover, but

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