Our team of companion animal vets include many very experienced and passionate clinicians and surgeons throughout our four clinics. We cover a huge range of cat care services and merchandise from annual vaccinations to complicated orthopaedic surgery, toys to calming sprays. Our four clinics are well stocked with everything required to provide the upmost care for your feline friends, and if you don’t see your preferred products on our shelves just ask and we can source it for you.


  Regular clinic visits and Pet Health Checks are a great way to help your pet enjoy a long and happy life. During your appointment you will be asked relevant health related questions about your pet, which will undergo a thorough physical examination. This will enable our vet to make and assessment of your pet’s

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Desexing Cats

Desexing, also known as neutering, castration and spaying can be performed as early as 12 weeks of age and ideally by the time your kitten is 6 months old. Desexing by 6 months of age usually results in a nicer pet, which is cleaner and has more socially acceptable behaviour. Desexing early also prevents those

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Parasites are a common problem for our pets in Northland. They can cause irritation to not only our pets but also to us! At The Vet Centre we have a wide range of effective and safe products along with well trained staff who are able to assist you in finding the best product for your

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Feline Diseases

Cats are natural roamers and love their independence, so they often come into contact with other animals. The more they do this, the more they’re exposed to infectious diseases. Some diseases, like feline panleukopenia and feline leukaemia, almost always end in death in kittens. Others, like feline rhinotracheitis virus and feline calicivirus can cause severe

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