Our Team of farm vets are skilled in the use products and services required to run a successful beef business. The vet centre clinics have a wide range of drenches, tick and lice treatments and mineral supplementation suitable for use in beef animals of all ages. Contact one of our skilled farm vets for advice on products and services available for your beef operation.

Weaner Calves

This was the topic of discussion at the Northland Sheep and Beef Council AGM in early October 2010. A very interesting presentation was given by Chris Boom, Agfirst Northland, and this is some of his and his fellow guest speakers suggestions. Summer and autumn offer poorer quality and quantity feed availability. Mature stock will experience

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Great for your management tool box, Bopriva helps manage larger mobs of bulls in close confinement without the hassles of aggressive and sexual behaviours. Bopriva is a unique new vaccine for use in non-breeding bulls which temporarily reduces testosterone production for around three months, resulting in decreased sexual and aggressive behaviors. When the vaccine effect wears

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BVD & Bulls

Insist on BVD Tested and Vaccinated Bulls. BVD, Bovine Viral Diarrhoea is a disease that affects cattle. Exposure in NZ is high and it is easily passed on both through direct contact with infected animals and indirectly via yards, transportation and footwear. If a cow is exposed to the BVD virus for the first time

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